The | J | T |o| B | Apothecary story

We started JToB Apothecary with the singular intention of making beautiful products for discerning customers that will enhance their lives.

We'd love you to experience the JToB Apothecary Bougie Parfumee collection so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can introduce you to JToB.


Our founder has always had an obsession with potions, lotions and perfumes. As a small boy we'd find him filling jam jars of water, picking rose petals from his Grandfather's Yorkshire rose garden and trying oh so hard to create his first 'rose water'. He soon progressed to raiding his Father's bathroom cabinet and mixing the liquids and creams to 'create' new and quite 'distinctive' products..! (more than once these experiments ended in the little glass tester bottles exploding).

And the memory's of his parents when they were heading out for an evening, the exotic smell of them both, smells that only ever came into focus on these high evenings when they would head out into the grown up world.