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Welcome to the JToB Apothecary newsroom. As you can imagine, a company that’s hand making 100's of luxury, individual, hand crafted, small batch candles, diffusors, linen sprays, pillow mists and wax melts and pastilles a week has to stay on top of all aspects of the business so we thought providing our friends in the press with this area would be a good idea. Please check back often for updates and news, and don’t hesitate to reach out to with questions or requests.

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JToB Apothecary is a luxury home fragrance company whose mission it is to bring wonderful fragrances to everyone's lives.

The company came into being following a really serious health scare experienced by our founder Drew J Robinson. In May 2018 Drew was informed he had cancer and a very large tumour was discovered that needed to be dealt with immediately. Five days after this bombshell Drew was started on a very aggressive radical radiation and chemotherapy treatment. This radical therapy floored not only Drew but his partner who supported him through this dreadful ordeal.

In the stillness of the agonising pain Drew experienced during this time he was able to take stock of his life and his achievements to date, as is sometimes the case when a person is staring their own mortality in the eye. Drew realised that for all the success he'd had and had brought to the companies he'd worked for, the likes of, and Virgin to name but two, his dream had always been to be his own boss, in a creative practice of one kind or another.

Eight weeks later the daily doses of radical radiation and chemotherapy came to an end but with the effects being culmanative his body continued to break down around him.and it was then a waiting game to discover if it'd been successful, early indications were that it may have worked or at least slowed it down but this couldn't be confirmed until the November of that year, six months of limbo.


It's at this point that Drew finally decided to change up his life beyond the cancer. If he had only a short time left he certainly wasn't going to use that time on work that no longer inspired him and the first green shoots of JToB Apothecary began to appear.


In late November 2018 Drew was given the news that no cancer could be detected, this wasn't the same as being given the all clear as he'd been expecting, this was a far more cautious diagnosis. This gave further impetus for getting JToB Apothecary off the ground, he spent the majority of 2019 figuring out the logistics of throwing in his job, striking out alone and coming to understand what kind of creative business he wanted to spend his energies on. September 2019 Drew finally handed in his notice and which would mean that come the new year 2020 Drew would be free to fully focus on JToB Apothecary.. February 2020 covid strikes... all plans are uprooted...


Drew spent the covid months honing his skills and abilities in fragrance blending, reaching out via Zoom to more experienced perfumer's and fragrance blenders to advise him and in many ways to put him on a 2 year 'virtual apprenticeship. Whilst learning the how and the why of fragrance blending Drew also developed his 'nose' to answer the what!

With a move from London to the beautiful village of Buckden in March 2021 and the establishment of the JToB Apothecary Atelier,  we find that JToB Apothecary launched on September the 26th 2020 in the grounds of the beautiful Buckden Towers, formerly Buckden Palace where Queens and Bishops had taken up residence over the hundreds of years.

JToB Apothecary have developed a range of unique home fragrances which are conceived, blended and reviewed in their atelier in Buckden. These fragrances form the backbone of the company and are used in a range of the most stunning candles, diffusors , linen sprays, room sprays, pillow mists, wax malts and gorgeous pastilles.

They are a small batch producer meaning that each and every product has been handled with real care and attention to produce some of the finest home fragrance products on the market.

With stockists from Scotland to the south coast JToB Apothecary have quickly built up a reputation for consistency, originality, and playfulness. Using only the very very best ingredients they produce some truly amazing fragrances that can be found in the most discerning homes across the country and beyond..

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