A warm welcome to Sheringdale Families and Friends from JToB Apothecary 

Dear Sheringdale Families, Friends and Christmas Shoppers...!


We're absolutely delighted to be part of the Sheringdale virtual Christmas market and we look forward to you browsing around our website and hope that you find some lovely JToB Apothecary products that you can gift to family and friends this festive season.


We're fully aware that buying anything fragranced online, without having been able to 'sniff' them first can be a bit daunting but please be assured that the home fragrances we develop, which we then use to make our gorgeous candles, linen sprays, pillow mists, liquid soaps, hand and body lotions, wax melts and pastilles are all made with the very finest ingredients and we've created some really very special fragrances for you to enjoy. If your still unsure then please pick up the phone and lets have a chat and I can talk you through any of our products you may be considering. My number is 07718 944 619.

oh and I nearly forgot, we would like to offer you 10% discount on all purchases made during the Sheringdale virtual Christmas market, so that's either a 10% saving in your pocket or you could buy 10% more of our gorgeous products which would make them virtually free...ho ho ho! To take advantage of your 10% discount please just use the code sheringdale at checkout, the wonders of modern technology hey?

A Bit About Us...


JToB Apothecary is a leading British home fragrance expert and candle chandler that specialise in creating hand poured, hand crafted and hand finished, luxury candles and luxury signature home fragrances, diffusers, wax melts and pastilles developed and lovingly crafted in their Garden Atelier in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, UK.

Drew Robinson, our founder, Head Candle Chandler and Master blender has been developing his various creative practices for over 40 years. Drew brings all of this creativity to JToB Apothecary, where they develop new collections each season and collaborate with other designers, artists and creatives to bring truly unique products to share with wonderful you.

All of the JToB Apothecary products are developed and made in the UK, using the very finest ingredients. JToB Apothecary candles are all developed to ensure as light a footprint on the environment as possible, developing fragrance longevity and the most superior burn.

Drew's commitment to using traditional methods but in a contemporary way have found a discerning audience that respond to the craftsmanship and luxury JToB Apothecary obsess about.

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